My work takes observation of the real, then digests it and turns it into stories. The measured and analytical act of drawing from life, my primary tool for observation, triggers free-association in which my observations are subjected to various influences: scientific journals, religious paintings and shrines, graffiti, comics. In particular, I am drawn to and inspired by art made not necessarily in the service of art but in the wide variety of ways people attempt to make sense of the world and themselves.

I often think about how ridiculously improbable it is that we should exist as we are. Much of my recent work is designed to keep that idea in mind, to keep me touch with being amazed. In order to explore that amazement, many pieces—conceived as objects in themselves, relics or scraps of larger, “lost” works—are designed to recall humanity’s many and various attempts to make sense of the world: undecipherable ritual objects, scientific field sketches, or notes from ecstatic ramblings. I want my work to advance that same sense of mystery, one hopefully experienced and explored by the viewer.

Materials play a big part in developing this open narrative: the deliberate mixture of fine arts materials that suggest and encourage craft with found materials such as tarpaper, old wood, or rusted iron, chosen for the attractive sensuality of their textures as well as for the sense of age and history they offer. The meeting of art created deliberately and materials grown inadvertently beautiful in their dirtiness sparks invention and exploration. Combined with paint, gilding or lights they gel into beloved objects with a past.

I hope that my work will inspire others’ minds to wander as mine wandered to arrive at the moment of creation: that the story will continue, leading their thoughts to someplace unexpected.


Recent Exhibitions

Nelson Mandela Museum of Art, Port Elizabeth, SA, September 2017
Collaborative Art Project: Way of Water

Governors Island Art Fair, New York, 2017

Jams For Clams, New York, 2017
Benefit Art Show & Print Sale for Planned Parenthood. Artist and assistant organizer.

Red Hook Open Studios, New York, 2016

Bushwick Open Studios, New York, 2016

Solo Show, Sunny’s Bar, New York, 2016

Tin Cup - Group Show, Gallery Gaia. New York, 2015

Hot Wood Arts Open Studios, New York, 2015

Bushwick Open Studios, New York, 2015

Group Show, 233 Pop-Up, New York, 2015

Solo Show, Gallery Gaia, New York, 2014

Group Show, Gallery Gaia, New York, 2013

Solo Show, Gallery Gaia, New York, 2013

Visiting Artist and Two-Person Show, Saddleback College, California, 2013

Group Show, Lost Coast Culture Machine, California, 2011


Guggenheim Studentship, Venice, 1991

BFA-Illustration, Parsons School of Design, 1991

High School of Art and design, 1986